Restored Royal Enfield Bullet from The Bullet Factory.

RePaint Your Royal Enfield

Royal Enfields last a lifetime. But sometimes just plain black gets just plain boring. You can spice up your old (or new) bike with a fresh coat of paint, or a colour that is more expressive. We call this service, a 'makeover'.

Painting Royal Enfields

Painting a bike involves physical work, but first it involves planning, and visualising the final output. With a custom paint job, choosing and mixing the exact colour to be painted is as important as the skill of the painter. After this is done, the bike is stripped of all the parts that need to be coated in fresh paint. The parts are prepared for paint - often by stripping them down to bare metal and fixing dents and rust. Finally, the parts are painted with multiple coats of special automotive paint.

The Bullet Factory has staff that can guide your decisions to help ensure that your bike looks outstanding!

In-House Paint Facility

TBF has a paint facility that you will be delighted to make use of.

WAIT! You won't be using it, because we have an expert painter who will be doing that. All you have to do is pick a colour, and leave the rest to us.

Here are a few samples of what your bike could look like when we're done with it.

Custom Repainting a Royal Enfield Classic 350 bike  RePainted Bullet 350. Matte Black custom paint and stickering Repainted Royal Enfield Bike. Silver-grey.

You can call us to book your repainting (makeover) slot.

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Restored Royal Enfield Bullet from The Bullet Factory.

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Restored Royal Enfield Bullet from The Bullet Factory.