Restored Royal Enfield Bullet from The Bullet Factory.

Rebuild Your Royal Enfield. Make it Like New.

Restoring old Royal Enfields to perfect working order is a special joy. No matter the challenge involved, we have the facilities and the mechanical skill to restore your pride and joy to perfect working order.

Bike Rebuild

A Royal Enfield rebuild entails stripping your bike down to its basics, opening it up to figure out if any components need to be rebuilt, replaced, or repaired. Then the components are electroplated, powder-coated or painted as required, and the bike is re-assembled looking like new.

The Engine is taken apart and completely overhauled. The G2 engines, B1 engines, traditional bullet engines and the AVL and UCE engines can all be handled in our facility. The first three types of engines are our super speciality.

The entire re-build process is a detailed and painstaking one, but the end result is definitely worth the effort.

Custom Royal Enfield Build

Going beyond the ‘rebuild’ concept, is the ‘custom bike rebuild’. Here, we sit down with you, understand your needs, tastes and likes, and help you design a custom Royal Enfield that you will cherish for its uniqueness. Your bike will reflect your personal taste and style.

Facilities and Skilled Mechanics

The Bullet Factory has skilled-mechanics who don’t just repair... They nurture the bikes they handle. We have tinkering and painting facilities in-house to facilitate the Rebuild and Custom Build services on offer.

Walk in to check out the facilities we have, and we’re sure you’ll be surprised by what you see. Give us a call at 89399-72020 for a free consultation appointment to discuss your bike’s rebuild or customisation.

See you soon!

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Restored Royal Enfield Bullet from The Bullet Factory.
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Restored Royal Enfield Bullet from The Bullet Factory.